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Coconut Oil uses for Hair, Skin and Teeth & Coconut Oil Store

Coconutoil, Buy, Recipes, uses for Hair, Skin, Teeth, loss Weight, Benefits
Coconut oil enjoys an ever-increasing popularity and undoubtedly can be placed among the so-called superfoods. Coconut does not just taste delicious; its use is extremely versatile. Its precious ingredients particularly score when it comes to strengthening teeth, skin and hair. For centuries now, the benefits of coconut oil are appreciated by many native people. Slowly now the health benefits of coconut oil find its way into Western societies as well. You can buy real coconut oil right here with us: Coconut Oil Store.

For quite some time now, coconut oil together with a few other natural products are considered and valued because of their countless benefits as medicinal and staple foods. Also, coconut oil benefits skin, hair and teeth as well as supports effective weight loss. Even animals like cats and dogs benefit from the effect of the oil. Coconut oil makes their skin smooth, their coat shiny and prevents parasites such as worms and ticks. Even scientists are increasingly convinced now of the positive effect of the oil, which could be established through numerous studies.

Coconut oil is obtained directly from the fatty flesh of the coconut and has a high health status. Although coconut oil is extremely high in saturated fat, it still contains an extensive wealth of health-promoting properties for man and animals alike. Contrary to many prejudices, pure vegetable fatty acids are easier to process and metabolize, compared to those from animal origin. – And that without any negative influence on the blood fat and cholesterol levels.

Quite the opposite, with the use of coconut oil you can lose weight as well as protect and care for your teeth. Furthermore, coconut oil is worldwide one of the most natural oils. While other oils often undergo an extensive process of extracting and isolating the precious oil from seeds or fruits, coconut oil can be cold pressed straight from the fruit pulp. Even when just chewing the fruit flesh of the coconut, the oil is released and processed naturally.



What you will learn in this section:


Our coconut oil guide is designed to familiarize you with the benefits of coconut oil, right up to its supportive effects in losing weight and healthy living.


Coconut oil – healthy and delicious

The oil of the coconut is rich in saturated fatty acids. Since those fatty acids over time got blamed for widespread diseases such as stroke, diabetes and heart attacks, coconut oil was looked upon – unjustifiably -sceptically. Nevertheless, you can lose weight by using coconut oil.

Coconut oil does not come from animal fat that also comes with the associated animal protein, which indeed when consumed in high amounts, can lead to illness and obesity as well as acidifies and clogs the organism.

Coconut oil, on the other hand, can be consumed safely and benefitting your overall health at the same time. But not only that, you also can lose weight with coconut oil.

Consisting of Lauric, Capric, Capyl-, Myristic. Palmin- and Stearic acid and mono- and poly-unsaturated oleic and linoleic acids, coconut presents a unique composition of health-supporting ingredients. With a 50% content of medium chain fatty acids, it is incomparable in nature.

Studies also showed that fatty acids from the coconut oil are extremely easy to digest. It is gentle on bile and liver since no bile acid is required and the fat can pass through the liver into the bloodstream without any problems. Medium chain fatty acids hold, per gram, one calorie less than other similar fatty acids. As a result, you can lose weight with coconut oil.

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Benefits of coconut oil – a “magic bullet” for health, well-being and beauty

Hardly any oil can be so versatile as the oil of the coconut. Coconut oil not only tastes particularly delicious it also gives many dishes an exotic touch. However, it also can be of excellent use for personal hygiene. Coconut oil makes skin and hair supple, promotes healthy teeth and even helps with weight loss. It also contributes to preventing diseases, inhibits inflammation and accelerates wound healing.

In addition, you can lose weight with coconut oil. Therefore, the benefits of coconut oil are unique, and every human being should benefit from it. Even in numerous independent scientific studies, the positive influence of the oil could be clearly demonstrated. Here are some examples:

  • The study of the English paediatrician Mary Newport, in the in the 2000s, could prove that the oil of the coconut prevents and counteracts Alzheimer.
  • Dr. Ian. A. Priors “Pukapuka study” from the 60’s, showed that coconut oil makes a significant contribution to the general maintenance of health of entire peoples.
  • The study of the Athlone Institute of Technology in 2012 concluded that coconut oil had a surprisingly good effect against caries and gingivitis.
  • An extensive study carried out in 2010, where the Beijing-based Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital could illustrate that the oil of the coconut can effectively prevent cardiovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis and thrombosis

What makes for this extremely beneficial effect of coconut oil? Well, to answer this question, we need to look at the individual components of the oil more in detail. The oil of the coconut has a vast abundance of healthy ingredients, which, however, are not clearly identified and tested for their effectiveness yet. Below we show you the main components of the most important substances that make the oil of the coconut so valuable. Buying Coconut Oil here: Coconut Oil Store.

Coconutoil, Buy, Recipes, uses for Hair, Skin, Teeth, loss Weight, Benefits

1. Amino acids

Amino acids are specific acids, which primarily have a performance-enhancing effect on body and mind. Due to the “modern” diet, many people have a severe deficiency. This makes it that much more important to have a regular supply of these essential acids; for example, those of the coconut oil.

2. Lauric acid

Lauric acid has the ability to penetrate the membrane of viruses and bacteria and so to destroy it from within. Therefore, pathogens have little chance to take hold in the body. The primary fatty acid in coconut oil is an acid is which supports the immune system to work optimally.

As an efficient pathogen killer, the coconut oil prevents against colds and infections. Since the body cannot produce Amino- and Lauric acids, therefore it is important to supply the body with a regular dietary intake.

3. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements

The oil of the coconut has a broad spectrum of essential vitamins, mineral and trace elements and thus prevents deficiencies in the body. Vitamin E and K are ingredients such as iron, organic sulphur, and polyphenols. An existing deficiency can be reliable alleviated and effectively combated by consuming coconut oil in combination with other foods.

4. Antioxidants

When fighting life-threatening diseases and infections antioxidants play a not insignificant role in the process of recovery. Antioxidants are antioxidant enzymes, whose concentration in the blood of most people is way too low.

The regular use of the coconut oil increases the amount of antioxidants, which demonstrably can prevent cancer and other diseases. Coconut oil is also very beneficial if taken regularly for pre-existing conditions. Buying Coconut Oil here: Coconut Oil Store.


Benefits of coconut oil when losing weight – Deliciously healthy attaining your and dream figure

Lose Weight with Coconut Oil, Weight loss

The oil of coconut has an extremely regulatory effect on the entire metabolism and energy balance. Taken regularly, you can lose weight with coconut oil because it supports a slow, long-term weight loss.

Please note, every diet is based on a reduced intake of calories. This means you cannot lose weight alone by consuming coconut oil.

In other words, if you want to lose weight, besides consuming the beneficial coconut oil, you also need a low-calorie diet and if needed combine this with regular exercise.

Therefore, if you want to convince yourself of the various benefits of the coconut oil while losing weight, you can buy healthy, metabolism-stimulating and biological coconut oil here in our store: Coconut Oil Store.


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